Stelco Detergents

SAFETY BLEACH (oxygen or non-­chlorine bleach)

May be used to improve whites on any natural or synthetic fibre without risk of damage although care should be taken with wool and silk items. Its bleaching action is particularly effective for removing stains from white or coloured garments which resist normal spotting techniques. Not only is Safety Bleach an active oxidising agent it contains a blend of enzymes capable of digesting many difficult to remove stains – Available in 4kg & 20kg buckets


Aqueous retexturising and sizing agent to aid shirt finishing.
Improves the handle of shirts and imparts a crisp appearance.

Available in 5L & 20L drums


Freshtex has been designed for use in the “new” hydrocarbon solvents such as Exxon DF 2000.
It offers the following features & is available in 20L drums For use in hydrocarbon solvent
• Outstanding cleaning and stain removal
• Retexturising additives make for easy finishing
• Eliminates unpleasant odours
• Minimal greying and redeposition
• Excellent antistatic effect


Very economic with excellent anti-­‐static and water-­‐soluble stain removal.

Available in 20L drums

For use in perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon solvents


Cleaning detergent specibically formulated for wool garments.


Available in 20L drums


Perclean Gold Plus is a premium dry cleaning detergent which produces outstanding cleaning, and the addition of selected optical brightening agents gives extra brightness to whites and pastel garments. Combination of softeners and antistatic agents result in control of static electricity and linting problems.
• Outstanding brightness
• Exceptional cleaning
• Ultra soft handle
Available in 20L drums – For use in perchloroethylene solvent


Springfresh is designed as a highly concentrated dry cleaning detergent to meet the requirements for added freshness to your dry cleaning by the incorporation of bactericidal and deodorising additives.
• Outstanding fresh binish
• Total static control
• Pleasant full garment handle
Available in 20L drums – For use in perchloroethylene solvent


Top quality detergent, Purrsoft is a flexible product suitable for either charge or batch systems.
Purrsoft offers:
• Excellent cleaning
• Eliminates swaling
• Good handle
Available in 20L drums – For use in perchloroethylene solvent


Superclean dry cleaning soap has been specifically developed for use where it is necessary to introduce humidity into the system. It is also suitable for plants who do not wish to prespot prior to cleaning.
Superclean offers:
• Good water-­‐soluble spot removal
• Suitable for injector systems
• Soft handle Available in 20L drums – For use in perchloroethylene solvent.