About Us

The company was founded by Charles Tulloch way back in 1920 to manufacture and supply liquid soaps and disinfectants throughout the Sydney area. At the onset of the Second World War he returned to his native England leaving the business in the care of Raymond and Dorothy Naylor. They ran the company until the early 1960’s when it was taken over by their son, Noel Naylor.

In the mid 1970’s, Barry Naylor purchased the company from his father and together they developed a range of laundry products for use by hospitals and commercial laundries. In 1999, Tulloch purchased Gordon Turton Pty Ltd, a wholesale business which supplied a full range of consumables used by the dry cleaning industry.

Since then, Tulloch has expanded its operations to include warehousing and distribution, transportation of chemicals and other liquids, liquid and powder blending and decanting and delivery. In February 2005 Fabritec Australia was purchased which was a Sydney based dry cleaning supply company. In October 2005 Tulloch took over Queensland Laundry and Dry cleaning, based in Brisbane and which also supplied the dry cleaning industry. This operation has now added warehousing and distribution capabilities.

Barry Naylor sadly passed away in 2009 and the company is now managed by his sister Sue who has been the Financial Controller since April 1999. Sue is supported by a dedicated team of managers and staff, who served with Barry and Tulloch for many years and, like Sue, are committed to carrying on the business with the same integrity and ethics for which Barry was renowned.

Our goal is to provide quality supplies, competitive pricing and superior personalised customer service by fully qualified staff. We hope you find our product guide useful and informative. Should you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to make contact.