Tulloch is the Australian supplier of Dry Cleaning products and equipment to the Dry Cleaning Industry.

In the past 15 years, Tulloch has expanded its operations to include warehousing and distribution, transportation of chemicals and other liquids, liquid and powder blending and decanting and delivery.

Our goal is to provide quality supplies, competitive pricing, superior and personalised customer service by fully qualified staff. We hope you find our product guide useful and informative.

We can provide – Dry cleaning products, Additives, Stelco professional spotting products, Stamford spotting chemicals, Marking and packing, Wire Coat Hangers, Pads and covers, Scotchgard, Regulatory items, Stelco dry cleaning detergents, Stelco doctor spot products, Spotting equipment, Shirt packing products.

For further information please contact us on the following phone numbers:

Sydney (Head Office) : Phone: 61 2 9567 6755 – Fax: 61 2 9556 1255

Brisbane Office : Phone: 61 7 3200 8833 – Fax 61 7 3200 8834